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How does it work?

As a Celebrant I can help to make your ceremony truly personal and to do this I always like to meet couples in person before your ceremony to discuss what you want . I try to get an idea of who you are as people and what you mean to each other. I can also work to make the ceremony inclusive of your guests. For example did your Grandma set the two of you up? If so, I’ll make sure she gets credit on the day. If you don’t live in or near London, or if you are just too swamped planning your event, I am also happy to discuss your needs over the phone or by email so there are really no restrictions to creating your dream ceremony.

As a Celebrant I cannot legally marry you so for the legal part of your ceremony (which consists of two sentences) you can just attend your registry office before or after the wedding to say your 'Ds & Cs' and sign the register. However I will discuss this with you closer to the time so don't let this restrict you in your dreams for your ceremony.

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When should I book?

I would always advise that you book your celebrant as soon as you have a date picked out but sometimes life is not that simple so don’t panic if the date’s getting closer and you have yet to book. I am happy to do short notice ceremonies if I am not already committed to another ceremony on that day. So give me a call or send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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What's the difference between a Registrar and a Celebrant?

This is a question that comes up often so I have listed the differences below which should hopefully clear up any confusion.


  • Deliver a fully bespoke ceremony
  • Will allow any religious music, readings, rituals or references including any rituals that your have created especially for yourselves
  • Are chosen by you and develop a relationship in the run up to your ceremony
  • Can hold ceremonies in your garden, in an idyllic field, in a theatre, on a boat, in a hot air balloon, on a bus, by a pool, in another country, on a beach, in the grounds of a stately home or castle – the choices are never-ending
  • Can deliver a service which is as short or as long as you would like
  • Arrive an hour prior to your ceremony and ensures all readers, bridal party members including best men, women, etc are all aware of what they need to do.
  • Calm any nerves, especially of readers, and also assures brides or grooms that they have everything under control for the ceremony
  • Do a rehearsal, usually a day or a few days prior to the ceremony, and runs through the ceremony with the couple to ensure they feel assured as to what they need to do, and when
  • Will look at the venue where the ceremony will be held and uses their skills to consider where couples would be best placed so guests are able to see them throughout the ceremony and the photographer and videographer are able to capture the best shots.
  • In most cases, celebrants charge less than registrars, yet offer so much more.


  • Deliver an off the shelf ceremony
  • Cannot allow any religious music or readings
  • Are allocated to your ceremony by your registry office with no input or choice from you
  • Only deliver your service in a registry office or registered venues and will charge more to come out to your venue. Plus registered venues have to be permanent static structures with four walls and a roof
  • Deliver a standard ceremony which last only 10 to 15 minutes
  • Arrive just before your ceremony starts
  • Will not do a rehearsal
  • Will stand with the couple in front of them so that your guests only see your backs
  • Can charge up to £585 to deliver an off the shelf service in a registered venue

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What if I don't know what style of ceremony I want?

Well first you won't be alone. When I was planning my wedding I didn't even know there were options beyond a church or registry office. I didn't know you could have readings, songs or rituals like hand fasting. 


Based on my experience I can offer a selection of readings that may reveal the perfect one for you, or just inspire you and get your creative ideas flowing. I can also offer advice on music, venues and I can show you examples of other ceremonies that may help you to rule out or rule in what you want for your day.

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